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Best Gravity Deer Feeders Under $100

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Whether you are chasing big game during the respective season or scouting for the upcoming season, feeding plays a critical role in keeping target game near your hunting areas. In doing so, one might find it difficult to decide on which product to use to feed target game while also getting a bang for your buck. Over the course of a hunting season, the 4 Seasons Outdoors team has chosen and tested several gravity feeders for our readers. Of the many products, we have chosen the top 4 products based on quality, affordability, productivity and overall performance along with giving each product an overall score ranging from 0-10. The top 4 products we have chosen to review this season are: Moultrie Feed Station II, On Time 71800 80Lb T-Post gravity feeder, Moultrie Feed Station Pro, and Wild Game Innovations Tree Hugger. Below each of the products the reader will find a brief product description, our final review score and an affiliated link, to which will route our readers directly to where the product can be purchased.

#1 Moultrie Feed Station II

First on our list is the Moultrie Feed Station II. This lightweight, easily assembled feeder is inexpensive and hold up to 50 pounds of feed. It also offers dual feed ports that allow multiple game to feed at once. Along with weather ridges and weep holes to protect your feed from ruining in the weather. Although the feeder has its perks, what we found to be a disadvantage for the product is its inability to challenge small game from accessing the feed since the feeder has to be set at a lower height on a tree or post. Along with sitting it at a proper height, the user also has to make sure either the tree or post is straight and level as possible to avoid spilling feed while filling the feeder. Aside these few minor mishaps, this product lands #1 on our list for its easy assembly, multiple feeding ports and pricing. So, if anyone is looking to purchase a gravity feeder for under $100, stick the Moultrie Feed Station II in your next feeding area.

Final Score is: 6.5

#2 On Our List: On Time 71800 80LB

T-Post Gravity Feeder

Next on our list, we have the On Time gravity feeder. The On Time gravity feeder is larger in size and can hold up to 80 pounds of feed. As most hunters know, small game can be a headache when feeding wildlife. Unlike the other product this feeder has a long funnel neck that offers feed more protection from weathering, this feature also makes it more challenging for small game to access. So, in order to help defend feed loss against smaller game, adding a PVC pipe around the post makes it difficult for smaller game to climb. Although the feeder grants protection from weather and small game, we found that the installation process is more challenging than it looks. Since the feeder is a larger feeder and holds more feed, the user should be aware that the T-post is not provided and should opt to use a sturdier option if available. With having to possibly purchase extra parts, this makes the On Time T-post gravity feeder a little more expensive up front than most. That is why the On Time T-Post gravity feeder is #2 on our list.

Final Score: 6.44

#3 On Our List: Moultrie Feed Station Pro

Following the On Time feeder on our list we have the Moultrie Feed Station Pro. The Moultrie Feed Station Pro, like the Moultrie Feed Station II is quick and easy to assemble, takes minimum time to set up and is comparably inexpensive. Where these products begin to differ is that instead of 50 pounds, the Moultrie Pro can hold up to 80 pounds of feed and is a single port feeder. This allows for the feed to potentially last longer since it has a higher compacity and only one animal can eat from the feeder. In comparison to the Feed Station II, the Pro has similar issues such as being easily accessible to small game and leveling complications. In addition, because of the material it is manufactured with the lid of the feeder may not fit correctly after a period of time. This may allow weather conditions to reach inside causing feed on the inside of the hopper to ruin. Giving its ability to hold an extra 30 pounds of feed, easy assembly process, and affordability we feel as if the Moultrie Feed Station Pro deserves the #3 on our list.

Final Score: 6.04

#4 On Our List: Wild Game Innovations Tree Hugger

Rounding out our top 4 we have the Wild Game Innovations Tree Hugger. This feeder is super simple to set up. Once out of the box, just unfold the feeder, hang it in desired area, fill it up and it is ready to go. Holding up to 100 pounds of feed at a time it is one of the bigger and more efficient feeders on our list. The Tree Hugger seems more efficient because unlike the previous feeders, the feed lasts much longer. The price of this feeder is reflected in its inabilities. The downside to this feeder is that it requires two people to operate when filling, it provides minimal weather protection, and the material is not very durable. The Tree Hugger installation process is easy if you have a helping hand to hold the feeder open while pouring feed into it because of its built-in roll down lid. Because the feeder has only a roll down lid and made with low grade material, it poses problems of minimal weather protection allowing moister to reach the inside if the lid is not properly secured. The low-grade material is easily torn by small game attempting to climb the feeder or simply chew holes in the side. So, if you are looking for a larger, inexpensive feeder with minimal hassle, look no further. The Wild Game Innovations Tree Hugger is the one for you.

Final Score: 5.7

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