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Top 4 Electronic Predator Calls

Over the last few decades technology has helped humans find our way to the top of the food chain and become the top predator, but we are not the only predators hunting our prized target prey. Whether it be mountain lions, coyotes, or hawks, being able to limit the number of predatory animals in your favorite hunting spot is crucial. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem not only for our sport, but for our survival as well is a part of our natural being. So, this week 4 Seasons Outdoors is bringing you our top 4 electronic predator calls based on their quality, features and overall effectiveness that are sure to help you maintain a steady circle of life.

#1 ICOtec Gen 2 GC300

Leading the pack this week is the ICOtec Gen2 GC300 with its light weight, compact design and cutting-edge technology this predator call is sure to lure in your target predator.

Score: 8.9


  • Up to 200+ yards remote receptibility

  • Easy set up

  • 360-degree folding antenna

  • Plays 2 calls at once

  • Loud volume

  • 12 multi species preset calls


  • Cannot add calls to program

  • Uncommon A23 battery

  • No power switch on remote

#2 Lucky Duck Revolt

Following the leader, we have the Lucky Duck Revolt. Loaded with all the right features including 100 calls compiled World Coyote Calling contest winner, Rick Paillet, this call will make the toughest predator your prey.

Score: 8.8


  • Realistic sounding calls

  • 4 channel remote

  • Built in decoy

  • 360-degree rotating base

  • Able to add more calls


  • Slightly heavier than most

  • Difficult to open battery pack housing

  • Limited remote range

  • Thin battery wiring

#3 FoxPro Inferno

The name of our next contender says it all the FoxPro Inferno is one of the hottest predator calls on the market. This American made call is one to have those pesky predators eager to check out what is nearby.

Score: 8.5


  • Easy to set up

  • Built in strap attachments

  • 100+ yard reception

  • Programmable calls


  • Volume control

  • Poor remote backlighting

  • Difficult software

  • USB cord not included

#4 Cass Creek Ergo Predator

At the back of the pack, we have the Cass Creek Ergo Predator. Do not let the size of this call fool you. It is small but packs the quality and features to produce satisfying results and bring game in up close and personal for an experience you are sure to remember.

Score: 6.8


  • Handheld, easy carry

  • Batteries included

  • Economically priced

  • External speaker port


  • Limited calling range

  • Does not loop calls

  • Slightly distorted calls at high volume

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