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Top 4 Gobbler Turkey Decoys

Former U.S. President George W. Bush once said, " Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again." Well, Mr. Bush, in regards to this week's post, 4 Seasons Outdoors would have to disagree because this week we are bringing you our latest review on the top 4 male turkey decoys that are sure to fool even the oldest, wisest gobbler in the woods. Our team has reviewed and scored each of these decoys according to their durability, graphics, and overall effectiveness.

#1 Mojo Scoot N Shoot Max

Dominating the competition is The Mojo Scoot N Shoot Max. This is a versatile yet simple and easy to use decoy. Equipped with artificial wings, tail fan, gun prop and peep hole this decoy allows even the most inexperienced hunter to be successful.

Score: 9.4


  • Durable material

  • Scoot N Shoot or Stand-alone decoy

  • Sturdy staking system


  • More expensive

  • Not as 3D

#2 Flextone Thunder Creeper Strutter

Adjacent to its counterpart the Flextone Thunder Creeper decoy is a proven means for turkey hunters abroad. With its lifelike design and simple set up, it has all the right qualifications for a spot at #2 on our list.

Score: 8.7


  • Durable material

  • Built in stake

  • Easy, adjustable set up

  • Lightweight


  • Smaller tail fan

#3 Primos Chicken on A Stick Jake

Considering its versatility as well as its realistic graphics, the Primos Chicken on A Stick lands the #3 spot on our list. Accompanied by its built-in gun prop as well as its mini camera mount attachment this decoy is able to produce jaw dropping results.

Score: 8.3


  • Easy set up

  • Built in gun prop

  • Mini camera mount

  • Lifelike design

  • Large fan


  • Weak staking system

  • Smaller decoy

#4 Avian X Strutter Decoy

Rounding out our list this week is the Avian X Strutter decoy. While coming in at #4, this decoy has a taxidermy worthy color scheme superior to most. Along with the color scheme, it offers an adjustable fan to attract either the most dominant or subdominant toms.

Score: 8.1


  • Taxidermy worthy graphics

  • Adjustable features

  • Collapsible

  • Carry bag


  • Heavier decoy

  • More expensive

  • Slightly difficult inflation

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